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Taft Hill Acres hosts a diverse group of excellent trainers and instructors

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All levels of English and Western instruction

Marie Demeulenaere

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Marie Demeulenaere moved to the United States from France in 2018. She is a freelance horse riding instructor, and currently teaches in the area of Northern Colorado. Marie is a CHA certified LEVEL 4 master instructor and Assistant Certifier in English and Western disciplines. She is specialized in dressage/flat work, can also teach jumping, and she also trains horses. She comes from 25 years of english riding background, but after few years in Texas she can also ride and teach the basics of Western riding. Marie believes that both disciplines are mutually beneficial for the horse riding world and she takes her inspiration from Western and English dressage.

Prior to Colorado, she has been teaching horse riding to beginners and intermediates riders for 3 years in United States (Maryland). She started to move to expert riders in Colorado, since many students are asking her for dressage lessons. She also loves to teach ground work, horsemanship and she is happy to teach anyone, regardless their level.

Since she is originally from the countryside of Normandy, in France, she has a lot of experience in the french discipline and has been around horses all her life. She used to jump in high level competition, but she is mostly focused on teaching now because she also loves to spend her weekends hiking and traveling with her husband Kevin and her 2 year old son Marceau.

Marie can teach in French and English and she is always looking for opportunities and meeting people.


Eventing/Mustang Trainer

Cayla Stone

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Cayla is an Event rider and trainer, and has been teaching/training in Fort Collins since 2007. Cayla has a particular love and interest in promoting Mustangs in the English riding disciplines and has become well-known as a Mustang trainer. She is a graduate of the CSU Equine Science program, a two-time finalist in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition, an established TIP trainer, and Eventing trainer. Over the last six years, Cayla has trained, or assisted in the training of, over 50 Mustangs. This is a huge feat given that she only has one or two in training at any given time! Cayla believes that the more awareness she can bring to the versatility of the breed, the more adoptable these horses will become. Cayla shows her 2016 Mustang Makeover 5th place finisher, Atalanta, in Eventing and won 10th place at the 2018 American Eventing Championships. Cayla also won the overall award for best adult pony rider.
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