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" The horses here are so happy and so well taken care of! My old mare was really struggling at her old barn. I was on the waitlist for Taft Hill and Meg was able to find us a spot to get my old lady into a better situation. Since moving, she is acting like a completely different horse. She is bright, interested in her surroundings, and acting like herself again. I am so thankful to have her at Taft Hill Acres and highly recommend the barn! "

~ Sam ~

" Such a wonderful and friendly horse environment. It's been such a pleasure to board here. The property is always clean and very mellow and everyone is so friendly! "

~Jenna ~

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big round hay bale with three horse head peaking overtop eating

"I had a horse in training there with Cayla Stone. Great place, laid back enviroment but very clean and well kept. Horses all looked great and were happy. Everyone there was nice too. I definitely recommend it."


"Everyone is so welcoming! When I first came to Colorado with my horse, I just thought it was going to be like my old barn. Overpriced and with rude people. That couldn't be farther from the truth! They keep up the facility and take amazing care of the horses! My horse just left to go live with my family and I will miss each and everyone of them greatly!"


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five horses eating at a hay hut together

" This is the best boarding facility I have ever had my horses at. Meg, Rene and Anna are great people, and it has been a pleasure to have them take care of my animals. I am extremely picky about the care of my horses, having taken care of horses professionally. This barn has an amazing group of boarders. In the long time that I've been here, there has never been any drama. Meg is excellent at addressing any issues that may arise in a prompt and efficient manner. I highly recommend this barn. "

~ Marian ~

" I adore Taft Hill Acres. It is a very no-nonsense barn that focuses on high quality care. Problems are handled quickly and professionally. Highly recommended. "

~Lindsay ~

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3 horses standing looking at camera

"Taft Hill Acres is the best barn I have ever boarded my horse at. My Arabian mare has a very big personality, and they are so accommodating. The barn community is always looking out for each other, and I have never felt more comfortable keeping my horse at a facility. I know that on the days I am not able to get to the barn, because of weather or other reasons, that my horse is in great hands. This is the most stress free barn I have ever been a part of and I could not recommend it enough."


"I've been boarding at THA since May and couldn't be happier! They are so attentive, and responsive to any needs you may have. Everyone has each others back, and is really supportive. All amenities are full functioning, there is plenty of room, and it never feels overly crowded! I couldn't ask for a better, more fair priced, or conveniently located stable."


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"Taft Hill Acres has been the best boarding facility I've come across in Fort Collins. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and the facilities are just as great. Bounced back and forth to a couple of barns and happy to find a place that I feel completely comfortable at! Would highly recommend it!"


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" I've boarded my mare at most of the stables in the area over the last 23 years and this is the best we've experienced! Excellent care by kind, knowledgeable horse people. "

~ Sheila ~

" Best barn ever! Quality care for all of the horses and the nicest barn owners. Meg, Rene, and Anna go the extra mile to make sure all of the horses and their owners are well taken care of. "

~Janet, DVM ~

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"I love it here! It's such a safe clean and friendly community with great owners!"


"I beyond love it here and Meg is amazing! I would never have expected the level of care she gives my picky mare."


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"Awesome barn and fantastic people!"